Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I'm super excited about this blog post because I have a lot of tips for going to Cabo! We love the weather here, it's usually always warm even in the winter!

1. Get you Pesos before you go to Mexico. Some Wells Fargo branches have them in store already and will give you a better exchange rate than most places in Mexico.

2. Don't book any excursions online ahead of time. There are soo many locals selling excursions- infact just about all of them do. They will give you a better price and you can bargain like crazy! You can even bargain at the local shops in town for souvenirs. 

3. Parasailing and lovers beach + snorkeling were some of our favorite excursions! We also loved getting massages right on the beach for $20! There's a beach right next to the Villa Del Arco that has soo many tents set up waiting to give massages-- go get them! 

4. In town restaurants are way cheaper than the hotels and usually really good too! We love Taco Guss for authentic tacos!

6. If you go to the Marina you can go to Dolphin Discovery and watch people interact with the dolphins for super cheap. It is for certain times though, so you'll need to call ahead of time.

(more pics to be updated soon)

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