Birth of Zuri Rae

Connor and I went to our last doctors appointment two days before our due date. Since I was measuring small, our doctor wanted to induce us on our due date, November 30th (40 weeks). Normally they don't let you get induced until 41 weeks, unless you have a medical reason. They had been monitoring the baby with non-stress tests the last few weeks of my pregnancy because my uterus was smaller than how far along I was. But everything looked good. 
So he set us up to be induced the night of November 30th. 

November 30th came around and Connor and I went to Chilis for lunch. It was our last day as just us two. We were anxiously awaiting this new chapter in our life and we honestly couldn't believe it was here. We were both so excited and had been counting down the days since we found out I was pregnant. I'd always get texts from Connor with how many days were left until our due date! Although I was really excited I was also super nervous! But I couldn't wait to meet our baby girl we had been dreaming of and wondering what she will look like for the last 9 months. 
We checked into the hospital at 6pm on November 30th. They gave me cytotec every 3 hours to start my induction. It helps your body to go into labor before they start pitocin. Best part about it was, they had popsicles so I took full advantage of eating them while I could (because you can't eat once they start Pitocin).
Here is my IV. It took the nurse 5 tries to get it in my arm, which later ended in bruises. She got another nurse to do it successfully and thankfully Connor was there to hold my hand through it all.
My body went into labor faster than anticipated and I ended up not needing a lot of pitocin since by body was contracting on its own. 
My sisters tried to take a picture with me as I was experiencing contractions and this is the turn out. Embarrassing I know, but child birth is not as easy thing. I was holding back tears every contraction. It is painful but so worth it.
Connor loved watching the monitors as it showed baby's heart rate and my contractions.
This was my second nurse I had after they changed shifts. She was amazing!
My sister Anna. The one usually behind the camera.
After throwing up my dinner, and hours of contractions, I finally got the epidural, which saved my life. This was moments away from meeting Zuri, one of the best days of my life. 
December 1, 2017 8:11am was the most amazing moment.
I remember looking up at Connors face and just seeing the most calm and happy face I've ever seen from him. I will never forget the way he looked at Zuri for the first time.
My sister Jenni teared up while holding her for the first time. 
She has called dibs on being her God Mother for months. 
Grandma Richey holding Zuri 
Documenting in the most ways that we can.
Grandma and Grandpa Williams
Zuri born at 8:11am. 5 pounds 15 ounces.
Little angel face. I wanted to cry how everytime I looked at her because we are so blessed. 
Thank goodness for mothers. 
Anna holding Zuri for the first time.
Zuri LOVED her bath. It was the cutest thing ever.
After not eating/sleeping through the night, calling room service was the first thing Connor did when we got to our room!