Maternity Pictures

We took our maternity pictures at 33 weeks! We went up Big Cottowood Canyon and couldn't believe it was snowing when we got up there! We braved the cold took our pictures anyway though. My sister Anna Richey took our photos as usual. She took our engagements two years ago almost to the day, up this same canyon! It's crazy that we're back up here two years later taking our maternity pictures! Connor is such a good sport... we only had to bribe him a little bit to take these pictures haha! P.S I got a lot of questions on my dress and will put details below if you're interested. 

Stoked to become parents with this guy! Connor is the absolute best guy and I can't wait to see him become a dad. He has been my saving grace this whole pregnancy, i'm so lucky to have married him! 
My sisters/the crew, Anna and Jenni! My other sister Katie lives in Oregon or she would have been with us too. She is pregnant with a girl as well and due 5 days after me! 

A lot of people asked where I got my dress and I actually got it from a Chinese website Ali Express. I found one that I like similar to it but it wasnt exactly what i was looking for. I finally found this one on Ali Express (which Chinese websites are a hit or miss) and took a chance on it. I ordered two sizes up because Chinese websites run small anyway and I needed it to be a maternity dress and it orginally isn't. But it was so cheap and actually ended up to be better than I expected. Also, the dress came in a week and a half which is fast shipping coming from china! It came with an underslip already but I bought a different slip from Down East for more coverage. 
Mesh Embroidered Dress: Click Here
Full Coverage Underslip: Click Here