Connor served his mission in Spokane/Coeur D'Alene area so we love to go visit whenever we can. My sister also lives only a few hours from there so we love to make family trips out of it too!

Spokane falls! 
My sister Katie, Jenni, Myself, and Anna.
Because when you get a balloon from Red Robin, you can't let it go!
How cute are these blocks?!
Sunsets are amazing lets be honest! 
The handle to the wagon is a slide and I went on it almost as many times as the kids did...
This is normal.
Connor loves pictures, can't you tell?!

Let Freedom Ring 2017

For the 4th of July we usually go to Wyoming every year, but this year we didn't go because we went to Bear Lake for a family reunion the day after the 4th. We decided to bike the trail to Bridal Veil Falls with my sister Jenni, my brother Jason, Connor and I. It was busy but fun! When we loaded up the bikes I saw the cute old fashion red bike we had and I was set on having that bike because it looked festive for the 4th of July. I haven't done much exercise since I have been pregnant because I have felt sick and my body has not been up for it. I quickly regretted picking the cute red bike instead of the mountain bike because the way back was a little inclined! (i'm talking SLIGHT incline). I had to switch Connor bikes because I was going too slow and my legs were burning! Not my proudest moment haha.

We saw an ice cream truck and obviously couldn't pass that up- I mean how often do you see those!  I also regretted eating that tweety bird ice cream when I found myself throwing it up in the parking lot 20 minutes after eating it. That may be TMI but oh well! 

We ended the day with a BBQ at Connors house and fireworks. Connor loves fireworks, its absolutely hilarious how into he gets. So we did have a good fire work show to end the night.
this picture pretty much sums up our life. 

Baby Williams Gender Reveal

Connor and I have been so excited since the moment we found out I was pregnant! Although it has been challenging-especially the first trimester, we are so excited! I was so so sick for weeks straight and pretty much was lucky to be able to eat a meal or even get out of bed. I lost weight because I threw up everyday, even while taking medicine. Connor has been the most amazing person and I probably wouldn't be surviving without him. Luckily I am doing better now (thanks zofran haha) and we are counting down the days until November!

This was our first time knowing the gender, can you tell I was surprised?! We had my brothers girlfriend open the envelope to find out the gender and give us the right smoke bomb!

My sister Jenni and niece Finley

We had people wear bead for their gender guess. We did red and blue to go along with the 4th of July!

These are kinda creepy babies but I couldn't stop laughing at them when I saw them at the store because there were white babies and brown babies haha I couldn't pass them up. It will be interesting to see which color our baby will be!

My cute sister-in-law and niece Dixie!

My brother embracing the pregnancy vibes, he might kill me when he see's this on here haha!