I have been working like crazy all summer and that includes being gone a lot! A get away vacation with Connor was the perfect ending to summer. The only thing better than a vacation is a vacation with your spouse! Connor set up basically everything from our plane tickets, to car rental, to hotel, to our iteanrry. Basically he is better at doing all the adult stuff than I am...haha, how did I get so lucky. We rented a bike on Huntington beach, which was one of my favorite parts -- besides all the food we ate. Here is a few pictures to sum up our trip. 

East High UCA Style

Finishing my last camp for the summer at East High for the past two years has been my favorite! Not only because it is where High School Musical was filmed but because this team is seriously the best! The coach and team is always so nice and they spoil us! I love working with East High and they were great enough to be in our music video that we attempted to make! Take a look below! P.S. Turn video to HD!