Team USA at Worlds

The Cheerleading Worlds is basically what they call the super bowl for cheerleading. At Worlds there is the ICU worlds competition, which is International Cheer Union, where there is one cheer team from almost every country competing and representing their country. My sister Anna Richey has been apart of the USA National Team for the past three years. They won the past two years and were able to win again this year! Three-Peat!

I made this short video from the ICU Worlds. I was mostly taking pictures, not videos, so this video doesn't do it justice and definitely does not show the talent that is competed at Worlds.

ESPN Wide World of Sports

ESPN Wide World of Sports

Team Austria, no idea what their sign says haha!

Team Denmark

I seem to always notice the camera/film crew ha!

So packed, more than this many were left without a seat!

Team Sweden

Only the stage has all the lights

Puerto Ricos's accents were so strong, I could barely understand that they were yelling Puerto Rico!

Team USA killed it!

The crowd was going wild after USA!

Reppin' America!

My sister Anna and I after their performance


This is in the arena, As you can see all the countries flags in the back!

ESPN Wide World of Sports

Saturday + BYU

If you know my family, you know that we are die hard BYU fans! I'm talking extended family and everything. My grandpa played basketball for BYU and I that is part of the reason why we love BYU so much. I was excited when most of my family came to Connors game on Saturday because we love our cougars, sunshine, and family time.
My beautiful sister inlaw and niece!

Keep Portland Weird

My mom and I went down to Portland to watch BYU baseball play a 3 games series and we also got to spend time and stay at my Great Aunt & Uncles house. This was my first time in Portland and definitely not my last! It was amazing and so green!

Connor pitched the first two innings on the saturday game and at the top of the third inning, when he was in the dugout, he started itching and getting hives! He noticed his lips started to swell and he eyes started to burn! His throat was swelling up and it was hard for him to breath. He had an instant allergic reaction (not sure what caused it) and the trainer had to give him stuff so the swelling would stop. Poor Connor.

This is what a swollen allergic reaction face looks like! Puffy lips, eyes, ears, neck and itching!

Bruce's Candy store at Cannon Beach!

This Saturday market was the biggest market I have ever been too!

Voo Doo doughnuts is recommended, especially that voo doo doll. The lines get crazy so you have to find a good time to go or else you'll be waiting for 30 minutes!

Prettiest walk in the morning with my great aunt and uncle.