Baseball Season

This is Connors first year playing for BYU and baseball season is in FULL SWING! It is so exciting but also so so busy! Connor is constantly going, going, and going. They usually have 3-4 games a week and the game itself last about 3 hours, and on top of that they have to meet 3 hours earlier. They have practice everyday and usually weights too + school + crazy homework. It's payed off though because they've only lost 3 games! I am lucky BYU has a handful of home games this season! I love going and taking pictures when I can. It reminds me of what my Dad would have done and oh how I wish he could share these moments with me. Connor is really good at balancing his time and also giving time to me after the crazy schedule he has! Being married has been so fun for us!

I love to document everything! Here is a SHORT video I made of saturday at a BYU baseball game.

Can't go wrong with NACHOS at a ball game!
I took my niece to a game and she LOVED it!

Pants: H&M
Shirt: Forever 21

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