Hoppy Easter

Easter Sunday with the family has always had such a special feeling! We don't do anything major for it except dinner, egg hunt, and enjoy being with the family! That seems to be enough anyway!

Before the madness of finding eggs. You can use pumpkin baskets for easter too, right?
These boys were determined to get the football through this tunnel!
Her face everytime she saw an easter egg, she was DETERMINED to get it. 
Easter egg hunting gets tiring! 
My niece Finley already getting into the easter candy!

Pants: H&M
Shirt: Forever 21
Connors Jacket: Macy's

Baseball Season

This is Connors first year playing for BYU and baseball season is in FULL SWING! It is so exciting but also so so busy! Connor is constantly going, going, and going. They usually have 3-4 games a week and the game itself last about 3 hours, and on top of that they have to meet 3 hours earlier. They have practice everyday and usually weights too + school + crazy homework. It's payed off though because they've only lost 3 games! I am lucky BYU has a handful of home games this season! I love going and taking pictures when I can. It reminds me of what my Dad would have done and oh how I wish he could share these moments with me. Connor is really good at balancing his time and also giving time to me after the crazy schedule he has! Being married has been so fun for us!

I love to document everything! Here is a SHORT video I made of saturday at a BYU baseball game.

Can't go wrong with NACHOS at a ball game!
I took my niece to a game and she LOVED it!

Pants: H&M
Shirt: Forever 21

Connor is 22

I love birthdays, holidays, and basically anything that involves decorations, sugar and celebrating! But really, I'm all about it. I am 5 months older than Connor and I don't let him forget that!:) We had to celebrate his birthday a few days early because he has baseball games all weekend over his birthday! Connor is a huge meat eater so we went to Tucano's for dinner earlier in the week. Never disappoints.

For his birthday I really wanted to surprise him, so I kept asking him about apple watches and what color he would wear if he got one.. (trying to make him think I got him that)... so when I was giving him his presents I wrapped one of my brothers watches in a watch box that I had. He for sure thought it was an apple watch when he was opening it haha but to his surprise it was just a Fossil Watch, he acted excited and acted like he loved it even though I knew he didn't because he doesn't wear watches. I kept laughing and finally told him that that wasn't his present and to keep looking in the box. Under the watch was a note saying where his present really was (in my car), and he went out there and found a TV that he has been wanting SO bad. Safe to say, he was definitely surprised and so excited.

Provo Bakery Donuts are to die for!

Seriously, Tucano's has the BEST lemonade.

Donuts: Provo Bakery
Garland: Target
Balloons: Amazon
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Zulily
Jacket: Old Navy