Viva Las Vegas.

ROAD TRIP, anything that has the word travel in it, count me in! Connor had games all weekend in Las Vegas so my brother jake, his friend, and I got in the car and hit Vegas for the weekend. Not only was it warm and we got to get out of the snow, but we got to shop shop shop too! But really I've never seen boys be able to shop for so long. We got to eat at my favorite place, Shake Shack, I was not complaining. 
Watching the game in the warm sun with my momma!

My cute husband pitching for BYU! 

Love all Urban Outfitters buildings!

If you're looking for something to do in Vegas, go to the Coke Factory and do the Coke taste testing around the world! You get to try tons of different Cokes, it was one of our favorite parts!

Walking through the strip at night!

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Shirt: Forever21
Skirt: Target


SURPRISE OF ALL SURPRISES! My older sister, Katie, moved to Washington because her husband is in Med School down there. My siblings, mom, and I all had a three day weekend so we decided to drive to Washington and show up at her door and surprise her! It was 2 am when we got to her house and she was shocked when she woke up to a call from us telling her to open her door! She was half asleep and trying to understand what was going on haha! We had so much fun hanging out, exploring the towns there, and visiting Seattle for a day.

antique shopping was so much fun! I am a sucker for antique shops.

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Since I am obsessed with my new camera that Connor got me, I tried it out on my brother. He is a goof haha. Here are some pictures we did for fun! 


I love going to BYU games to watch my sister Anna cheer! Connor watches the game and I watch the cheerleaders so it works out great! It's fun for me to go take pictures of my sister because my dad would always go take pictures of us at cheer events. It's a special thing for us to keep his legacy going. Anna is definitely my role model, I'm a lucky sister!

She is the pretty sister.


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